Daily Diving

Join us on one of our spacious day cruisers for our Red Sea daily diving itinerary. All our boats have large sundecks, saloon, galley, toilets and purpose designed dive decks. A day of diving usually comprises two dives with lunch in between. Optional third dives are also available.

Daily Boat Diving

.  our boats are large day cruisers with spacious sun decks, saloon area, galley, toilets and purposed designed dive decks. The daily itinerary for our boats alternates between a wide variety of sites in the world famous local sites up and down the RedSea coast. We chose to keep our groups on our boats smaller which creates a more intimate and friendly environment between guides, guests & crews. Our guides try to avoid large numbers of boats and divers, which means our guests enjoy a more relaxed dive with a better chance of an encounter with larger marine life. A typical day out on one of our boats will start between 8 and 9 am.  The first dive is made in the morning; a buffet lunch is then served followed by a further dive in the afternoon.  We generally return at around 4pm for a spot of ‘après dive’ back at the Dive Centre.
Snorkelers and non-diving passengers
Snorkelers and non-diving passengers are very welcome to join our dive boats, there is plenty of space to relax and our guides will make suggestions for the best snorkeling experience.
Diving Extras

As well as our standard daily boat diving, there are many opportunities for additional diving activities such as third dives, visits to the wrecks of the red sea, Night Dives either on our House Reef or from our boats  You may also wish to consider hiring a private guide for the day for an even more personalised experience.






Snorkelling . . . the Ultimate Family Sport
The entire family can participate at the same time in this exciting sport, regardless of age. In fact, snorkeling is one of the easiest and most popular ways for you to enjoy the brilliant underwater world in the Red Sea with your family!
Snorkeling in the Red Sea

Snorkeling and free diving in the Red Sea a way-of-life in Egypt, and most guides have been exploring the sea's depths since they were small children.  As a result, they know where to go to give you a truly memorable snorkeling adventure. We believe a snorkeling trip should be more than just gazing underwater through a piece of plastic.  That's why snorkeling trips are included on every day on our boat a knowledgeable crew that helps you to better understand the reef environment. Moreover, snorkeling is a great introduction to the underwater world. The use of a snorkel enables you to witness the spectacle of a shallow coral reef for extended periods of time without the burden of lifting your head from the surface in order to breathe.
In crystal clear indigo blue water, white sand, vibrant living coral reefs, tropical fish, sometimes even dolphins and turtles - what more could you ask from on a snorkeling trip? Or how about someone who can make sure that you understand what you're seeing, and can lead you to the best snorkeling spots? Our guides especially enjoy snorkeling with children.  Their enthusiasm and sense of wonder are contagious and sometimes make the guide's trip even more enjoyable for them than they are for you.
Children Policy: Children up to 10 years old are entitled to a 50% discount. Children 10 years old or are charged normal rates. All children must be accompanied and supervised by their parents.
Note: We offer daily snorkeling excursions from our boat. We only need to know one day in advance if you would like to join us so we can make arrangements and organize transportation for the morning. This gives you flexibility to decide which days you would like to snorkel and take a break in between if you like.
Snorkeling for Kids
Snorkeling is a great way to get kids and parents involved in the same activity. Any child who can put a mask on his/her face can enjoy the underwater world. Of course, swimming ability comes into play as well. But a child in water wings or a Jelly Belly, with a mask on his face, can still 'snorkel' beside a parent in shallow water and get a taste for what's down there.
Snorkeling has an added benefit as well. We've found with children that having a mask on not only makes them feel like 'one of the big kids', but it's easier, and more fun, to put their face in the water too. What the kids don't know is that when they put their face down in the water, their feet come up to the surface and swimming becomes much easier.
Well-fitting snorkeling equipment is essential if you want your kids to enjoy the activity. While an adult may understand that a leaking mask is likely because of the quality of equipment, kids can't make the distinction. To them, a leaking mask is just 'yucky' and increases the chances of turning them off snorkeling for good. The same theory holds true for snorkeling vests. No matter how well a child swims, everyone (child and parents alike) will feel more secure if the child is wearing a vest. And if that vest fits well and is comfortable and easy to use, your child won't even fight the concept!
When to Start
That depends on the child, but at the very least, the child should be comfortable in the water and interested in wearing a mask. Don t worry about using the snorkel and fins at the beginning. Start with just the mask in the bathtub then progress from there at a child's pace.